What You Need To Pack When Visiting A Naturist Beach

So you’ve decided to head to your local naturist beach. It’s a bit of a whim, the weather changed in the last minute and the thought of the thought of a wasted weekend doesn’t bode well. Besides, the tan needs topping up and you need to relax a little. But you’re feeling rushed, you know traffic is continually building all the time you flit around picking up random items. And what you need right now is a simple list of what you will require to enjoy your day. Well fear not and read on…

  1. Sunscreen – Put it in your bag right now. Without this your day will be ruined, as will the the following week when you slowly recover from a sunburnt backside.
  2. Water – Take plenty of water. If you think you have enough, pop another bottle in to be safe.
  3. Towel – I normally take two. A large beach towel to lay on and a smaller hand towel that takes up very little room but is ideal for wiping sand off or for covering over.
  4. Hat – They are always useful and will help with proecting your scalp when the sun is at its highest and strongest.
  5. Trunks/bikini – It might sound odd to be taking trunks to a naturist beach but they are handy if you need to venture into a clothed section of the beach. I usually wear trunks on my journey to the beach so I can begin removing clothes as soon as my feet hit the sand.
  6. Snacks – There’s nothing worse then feeling hungry while trying to relax and enjoy the sun. Fruit is ideal as you can through it in your bag without worrying about keeping it cool or even getting sand on it for things like oranges and bananas.
  7. Suitable Footwear – Depending on the type of beach you are going to, you may need something sturdy, or just the usual flimsy flipflops.
  8. Socks – I always pack a clean pair of socks just because I hate driving with wet/sandy feet. I may not need them, but I feel happy knowing I will be comfortable on my journey home.
  9. Coins – For the car park, for any tolls on the way or just for a delicious ice cream or another bottle of water.
  10. Entertainment – Maybe a book, maybe your iPod and headphones. If you are the kind of person that needs a focus for your attention, make sure you pop something in that will keep you occupied.

There are plenty of other items you may want to take – a parasol, wind break, foldable chair, sunglasses etc. Many of these items aren’t necessarily essential, and one presumes you’ll be wearing sunglasses and will have your wallet/purse/phone on you.

And finally, always pack a bag for any litter you may generate. Food packets, fruit peel and left over houmous don’t go well with clothes and books, so separate them into a bag and take with you. Leave the beach as you found it.