Naturist Man

Welcome To Cheeky Beaches

Cheeky Beaches was launched in 2021, probably during a lockdown of some description and at the same time as I visited a naturist beach for the first time. Having run multiple sites previously, it isn’t out of the ordinary for me wanting to record the moment – to detail the experience in the written word – and like so many things in life, it wasn’t long before the idea had blossomed and ballooned.

At the time I only knew of one or two naturist beaches in the UK, and the famous Studland Bay is not too far from where I call home. The only other stretch of coast open to au naturel bathing that I knew of was Brighton, and that was considered by myself as too far to go on a bit of a whim.

But after some quick checking online, I realised that there were actually a fair few naturist beaches dotted around these isles, some of which were even closer to home. However, the websites providing this information aren’t exactly well looked after, some seemingly coded in the late ’90s. And knowing that a website should be both informative and attractive, I set to work.

What you see is the burgeoning fruition of this work. It is by far incomplete and will require many more hours of labour. But it is, for the moment at least, a bare-bones shell on which to build and develop further.

And as I, your humble author, journeys his way into naturism, I hope you too, my dear reader, will come along for the ride. To begin with, there isn’t much on offer other than a few guides to local beaches and some penned works from my caffeine-addled mind. But if you’ll forgive the scaffolding for now, I hope Cheeky Beaches will eventually become a tome of information, experiences and anything else that happens along the way.