Top 10 Things To Do On A Naturist Beach

There are a whole plethora of activities to do on a naturist beach just as there are on any other beach the world over. A day out in the sun and on the sand can open up a whole array of things to do to keep you occupied while your backside gets a golden tan.


Nothing beats rocking up to a beach, stripping off, throwing out a towel and laying down for the afternoon. Just make sure you are keeping the sunscreen topped up and turning yourself over every now and then. And if the couple near you end up having a screaming argument, plug some headphones into your iPod and block the rest of the world out.


This is my number one thing to do on the beach. I don’t often have much time during the week to lose myself in a good book. But come the weekend, when in the summer I venture out to a beach, I like to take something to read, to take my mind away from everything and everyone else.


Perhaps a little on the odd side, but I also enjoy writing and while it isn’t advised to be getting a laptop or iPad out in a sandy and watery environment, a good old notepad and pen work just as well. I tend to be at my most creative when I’m at my most relaxed. My mind is allowed to wander and having something to hand that can record these meandering thoughts is important to me.

Tax Returns/Official Paperwork

And speaking of being at the peak of creativity when relaxed, I know of someone who completes their tax forms while on a naturist beach. If you can cope with thinking about doing official things like taxes while naked on a beach, then why not. I guess it beats doing it anywhere else.

Land-Based Sports

Take a frisbee and/or a ball with you. Getting some gentle exercise while having fun is a sure-fire way to burn off a few calories without even noticing. And if you are a social person, it is a good way to meet new people.

Water-Based Sports

Water-based activities tend to be a bit more prohibitive – equipment, cost, knowledge and necessary clothing in some cases. But you don’t need to rule watersports out entirely. Kayaking is pleasant and can be enjoyed in the nude. You can go at your own pace as well, so it can be just as relaxing as throwing a frisbee back and forth. Just be careful how far you are venturing out, always seek advice from lifeguards before entering the sea and make sure you know what to do in case of an emergency.

Many beaches will have equipment hire places and they can advise you and help you with what you need. If you intend to enjoy the activity au naturel you will want to check beforehand that it is okay with the equipment owner and that it is also appropriate for the activity in question.

Meeting New People

For the socialable few among us, meeting new people and making new friends is an activity they enjoy. It is something they actively seek to do and it is on the whole very healthy for the mind. You have to judge it quite carefully – don’t go charging up to someone who has their headphones firmly plugged into their ears and a book open in front of them – but generally speaking, there is nothing like a shared activity to add to the list of friends within your network.

Crosswords & Puzzles

Much like a good book, crosswords and puzzle books are a good way to lose track of time all the while keeping your brain exercised and active. The chap who does his taxes at the beach I mentioned earlier also likes to buy a couple of puzzle books from a nearby newsagent on the way to the beach and is at his happiest when working his way through them of an afternoon.

Making Time For Others

If you are at the beach with your partner or a friend, don’t just turn off and ignore them. Actually and actively spend some time with them. In this day and age the art of conversing seems to be becoming less common and by having a good chat with your partner you can learn from them and engage with them. The act of listening and replying appropriately is very good for the mind and will leave you and your relationship feeling refreshed.

Making Time For Youself

And speaking of mindfulness, if you happen to be alone at the beach and are of the introverted variety who plugs in headphones and opens a book to avoid the unnecessary advances of others trying to become your friend, then make sure you really are relaxed and making time for yourself.

Do what makes you feel better. Do what you enjoy and what will bring you a sense of peace. Shrug off the worries, forget about the concerns. Work will still be there on Monday morning, your bank balance isn’t going to change because of an afternoon spent on the beach. If this is your time, make damn sure it is your time and don’t waste a second of it.