How To Apply Sunscreen, Everywhere

Before we begin discussing the application of sunscreen to our various body parts, I think it is important to qwell some myths. Residing in Britain, there aren’t too many times each year when the sun is beating down strong enough that we think to oursleves that maybe some protection would be a good idea. But actually, sunscreen should be an essential part of your packing list when visiting a beach, regardless of what you think the weather is going to be like.

There are probably times when you are sitting on a beach and the cool breeze that is coming in from the ocean is enough to cause our sweat to quickly evaporate while similtaneously causing a chill on our skin, causing our brains to think we aren’t all that hot. But it is foolish to allow our brain to think like that, and the chances are our skin is being slowly baked, all the time causing lasting damage and potentially far worse conditions. Even on a cloudy day, ~80% of the UV light is still getting through.

You see, just because you may think you aren’t getting sunburnt, you probably are. At the end of the day, if the sun is in the sky, and you are uncovered, UV light is smothering your cells and causing them to change in a way that isn’t healthy. Skin cancer is not something you want, something that should never be taken lightly and something that you should do all you can to avoid. But because we don’t want to be cooped inside all summer, we need to apply sunscreen when out and about.

Sunscreens do not completely prevent tanning. This is because they do not completely stop all UV light from reaching and penetrating our skin. The ingredients in sunscreens reflect and/or absorb most UVA and UVB rays from the sun before they penetrate deeply into the skin, causing the lasting damage that we have all been warned about. While it may take a little longer for the skin to become tanned, this is a good thing because it means much of the harm from the UV light has been made relatively harmless.

UVB was thought to be the main cause of skin cancer, and in the past most sunscreens were focused on handling this. However, while it is UVA light that causes tanning and also aging of the skin, it is also now thought to be involved in the cause of skin cancer. Therefore you should chose your sunscreen carefully, making sure it is protecting you against both UVA and UVB.

And while we are on the basics of sunscreen, pick a number that is at least SPF30 if you intend to spend all day at the beach. This means it will take you 30 times longer to burn that it would had you not applied any lotion. Sunscreen should be reapplied 30 minutes prior to exposure and then every couple of hours or after you have been in the sea. You should apply sunscreen evenly to all exposed areas of your body, but paying particular attention to areas often forgotten about.

  • Scalp
  • Tips of ears
  • Nose
  • Tops of feet
  • Tops of hands
  • Behind your knees
  • Back of neck

And if you are on a naturist beach, your nether regions.

So now we’ve covered the basics, how does one apply sunscreen to one’s genitals without being arrested for lewd conduct or causing unwanted arousal which is obvious for all around to see?

Well it is actually quite simple. If you have the type of sunscreen that is a spray – and to be honest these are the best for this type of use – then simply spray evenly around your groin. Don’t forget to move your penis and testicles around to ensure all areas are coated. If it is a lotion or cream you are using, squirt some onto your hand and apply liberally in a similar manner, coating all areas.

If you are of a shy nature, and feel that touching yourself with one hand is too much, consider the fact that you are holding a bottle of sunscreen in the other, thus making it obvious what you are doing. It may also be advisable, if you are particularly close to strangers, to apply sunscreen to your backside first, thus warning any nearby onlookers of what you are doing.

Don’t think for a second that covering yourself with a towel and then applying sunscreen will make it look less like you are pleasuring yourself. Think about it for a moment. It is best to be open and honest and therefore eliminating any curious thoughts than to leave others with just that, their curious thoughts.

It is very important to protect yourself from the sun, especially so the areas of your body that often don’t get the opportunity to be glazed in UV light. And the last thing you want to have to deal with on Monday morning when you get back to the office is a sunburnt penis.