Naturist Couple

Etiquette At A British Naturist Beach

For many etiquette comes naturally, it is something you don’t even think about. And for most situations you are able to navigate with with causing offence. We will hold open a door if there is someone following close behind. We will avoid interrupting others, as well as doing our make-up of scratching our backsides. For the vast majority of people and for the vast majority of common situations, we are all good.

Likewise, we all pretty much know how to behave on the beach. We all know we are in a public space that is shared by many and for all to enjoy, our neighbours must be respected. Common sense prevails and generally speaking, it isn’t a problem.

But on a naturist beach, some things should be noted beforehand to avoid making others feel uncomfortable. And while most rules still apply – common sense is always a good fallback – some seemingly innocuous behaviours can cause disgruntled condemnation from fellow bathers.

Observe Signposts

Most officially designated naturist beaches, and many more that are known to be frequented by nude bathers, will have signposts around explaining areas and behaviours. As you arrive at the beach, you make a point of noting anything they say. Specific areas where nudity is not allowed is common on beaches that have shared use, as well as the usual rules on dogs and BBQs.

Walk Along The Shoreline

Have you ever set up site on the beach – your perfect spot to enjoy the peace and quiet – only to be constantly disturbed by people trapsing back and forth, kicking sand up and generally interrpting the serenity of your day? It isn’t pleasant on any beach, let alone if you happen to be nude. Try not to walk among and around fellow bathers and stick to the shoreline if your walking along the beach.

No Gawping

Keeping your eyes on yourself is important. Staring at others makes them feel uncomfortable and is simply rude. Even on a clothed beach, or in a restaurant or at a work meeting, you wouldn’t sit there and fixate on someone. So don’t do it while on a naturist beach.

No Photography

Having a camera at a naturist beach just makes other’s feel uncomfortable. You don’t need it, you don’t need a picture to show you were naked on a beach. And sure as hell don’t need the perfect selfie of yourself and your partner with some old dude walking by the background, completely naked and swinging in the breeze. Leave the camera in the car.

The Beach Is Not Your Bedroom

Believe it or not, other people do not want to see you getting to know your partner, intimately or otherwise. The beach is a public place and urges can wait until you are at home.

Take A Towel To Sit On

Most of the time, the beach is the beach – please sit your arse down wherever you please. However, some areas may have benches, perhaps some picnic tables, maybe the ice cream vendor has some areas where you can enjoy your Mr Whippy while taking the weight off your feet. And for all these situations, you must sit on a towel.

No Pressure

Presumably you and those you are with are at a naturist beach because you have discussed it beforehand and are all in agreement of the day’s activities. However, should you find yourself with others and they suddenly feel uncomfortable taking their clothes off, do not pressure them. Being nude is a very personal experience, and especuially for those who have never allowed themselves to be nude in front of others before, it can be a daunting situation.

Be cool and explain to them that they are under no obligations. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves, be it in the buff or in a bikini/trunks. As long as they are with others who are au naturel, it is fine. Because of course, if you were a lone man sitting on a naturist beach while fully clothed, well that would make people feel uncomfortable.

Don’t Be A Creep

For obvious reasons. Don’t be that person. Don’t ruin someone else’s day.

Be Respectful

For most situations, common sense prevails. Perhaps in this day and age of Instagram and other social media outlets, the photography rule is counter to this. I would imagine it is okay to take a photo in most public places these days, but of course on a naturist beach it is not. But generally speaking, as long as you are respectful to those around you, then you will have no problems.

The beach is there for all to enjoy.